Info & Tips

Some Things You Need To Know

1. If you spill something on your rug, act as fast as possible! Mop up as much of the liquid as possible, using paper towels. If a stain develops, never rub at it – this will only make things worse. Instead, dab at it and then blot it lightly.

2. Put doormats in your entrance and hallway, to minimize dirt and grime being trodden into the house.

3. Vacuum your home regularly, especially in the living room, hallways and kitchen areas. You should do this at least twice a week, but more often in high-traffic areas.

4. Your pets will shed fur on your rug, so give them a bath regularly to keep them clean.

5. Have your rug cleaned by experts – it’s still the best way to get rid of built-up grime and dirt that is buried deep inside the material.

6. If a hole or tear develops in your rug, call a professional without delay. If you ignore the problem, it’s only going to get worse.

7. When cleaning your rug yourself, only use organic products. They are healthier for you, your children and your pets, as well as good for the planet.

8. When brushing your rug’s fringes, brush them in the natural direction. This will help avoid tearing.

9. Place your rug away from direct sunlight – this will cause it to fad very quickly.

10. When cleaning your rug, spot test it first. Dab a small part of the cleaning solution on a part of the rug not visible. After 30 minutes, if the rug’s colors have not bled then you are good to go!