Rug Repair & Restoration

Don’t let your rug lose its appeal

For many of us, the rugs that keep our house looking beautiful also hold a great deal of sentimental value as well. And here at ASAP Rug Cleaners, we understand this completely.

We are experts when it comes to rugs, and will therefore do whatever it takes to protect and care for your special piece.

It doesn’t matter what problems you have with your rug. We can handle them.

We Take the Worry Out of the Equation

There are so many things that can go wrong with your rug. Fortunately we are here to help you through them all. Whether it’s a rip, a tear, or some obvious or visible damage, we can help you through it.

No matter what sort of restoration issues you need assistance with, we have seen it all before and have more than likely worked on it before.

You never have to worry - that’s what we’re here for

Chances are that we can somehow help preserve the beauty and integrity of your rug. We can help with whatever sort of restoration job you may have in mind.

That beautiful rug that you have loved and cared for doesn’t have to be thrown away - all it needs is restoration.